Stickybundits are a street food outfit to watch. Their signature offer is what happens when you take the idea behind sushi and the idea behind the burger and put the two together. They live and die by the creed of ‘bread is dead’ – this stuff wears the stripes of gluten free and dairy free, with a vegan option to boot — but they’re not up for leaving anyone out. Omnivores included. So expect slow-cooked pork belly with a pork patty, Asian basil chutney and peanuts, all in a sesame rice bun.

street food truck

On Sunday July 30, the Stickybundits crew will be cooking up all that tastiness on Brighton beach, along with the 15 best street food traders from London and the South, catering four of the best food films you would ever want to see. In return they hope to win your vote in this regional heat of the 2017 British Street Food Awards British Street Food Awards. Relax in a deck chair, beer (or soft drink) in hand, with the finest in British Street Food on your lap, and feast your eyes on this line-up:

12:30 – Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
14:30 – Ratatouille
17:30 – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
20:00 – Chef

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