Autumn 17 Health News

Gut Health

Kidzbiotix blackcurrant flavour chewable probiotics are especially formulated for children.

Life's Little Bugs

These cards teach your little ones good social and personal habits such as covering your mouth when coughing. 

I Quit Sugar

If you’re worried about how much sugar your kids consume then this new recipe book by Sunday Times author Sarah Wilson is for you.


Lumie Nightlight

The light uses low blue-light LEDs that are non-alerting and don’t inhibit the sleep hormone, melatonin, so you can read to your child without stimulating them before bedtime.

Tweens/Teens Skincare

Green People have been making organic, nurturing skincare products for 20 years and a fab tweens/teens skincare range 

Autism Breakthrough

Laura Kasbar, mum of seven, has invented a groundbreaking new web-based programme that helps autistic children learn to speak.