Snack Time

Delicious 100% natural lollies from Claudi & Fin, new popcorn flavours from Organix, tasty yogurt pouches, reduced-sugar spreads for your picnic sandwiches, oat bars for when you're on the move and 100% natural fizzy drinks - no sugar, no nasties.

Little Moons

Mochi ice cream balls are available in 6 delicious flavours, all free from preservatives with no artificial flavouring or colours. 

Suckies pouches

Suckies yogurt pouches are a fantastic on-the-go snack for kids!

Sweet Pea Pantry

This collection of super food baking packs is wonderfully easy, absolutely delicious and full of healthy grains and super foods.

Claudi & Fin

The healthiest 100% natural lollies in mini form 

Organix Goodies Puffcorn

Organix launches three new snack ranges, puffcorn, mini breadsticks and crispy bars, yum!

Pulsin Fruity Oat Bars

A delicious new kids range from Pulsin, these no added sugar oat bars are perfect for a lunchbox or snack. 

Yoyos & Bear Claws

These wonderful snacks manage to pack heaps of tasty fruit and veg into each pack giving you one of your 5-a-day.

Rude Health Honey Spelt Puffs

It's hard to believe but this product has only 2 ingredients, Spelt and Honey!

Jim Jams Spreads

JimJam’s chocolate spreads contain 83% less sugar and their jams contain 33% less than other leading brands and have a high fruit content.

Rhythm108 Good For You Dessert Bars

Cakey in texture and sweetened with dates and coconut oil these are a filling and healthy option 

Ugly Can

This is 100% natural fruit infused sparkling water, no sugar, no sweetener just fruit and water!