Suncream Round-up

Young skin is so fragile and especially vulnerable to damaging rays so make sure you are sun-savvy!  Apply suncream every morning (preferably 20 minutes before exposure) and reapply after swimming (even if you have a waterproof lotion) to ensure skin is fully protected and as far as possible, stay out of the midday sun and wear a hat.  There are a whole host of wonderful sun protection products for kids.  Whether you're looking for something particularly for sensitive skin, natural, waterproof or an all day protection, here are our favourites. 

Organic Children

SPF 30 £18.50

sun lotion

Made from wonderfully natural ingredients, this product is safe for the most sensitive of skins and with Aloe Vera it is moisturising and soothing too. It is non greasy and is easy to apply. Lovely aloe vera after sun also available from this range.


Childs Farm

SPF 50+ £10.99 

childs farm

Wonderful for sensitive skin, it soothes and hydrates whilst still protecting. They also have a great moisturising and soothing aftersun lotion to protect skin battered by wind or sun. Suitable for babies and children from 6 months upwards. 


Original Sprout SPF 27


A personal favourite.  This is a completely paraben free, non greasy cream and a must for those mums who want everything natural.  It is easy to apply and the lovely rosemary smell can repel insects so it has an added bonus in a place where there are bugs!  This isn’t waterproof so needs to be reapplied after swimming. Perfect cream for the whole family.




High protection suncream made with only natural ingredients.  Easy to apply and good coverage, we love this range.

SunSense Kids

50ml £9.28 125ml £14.96 

Not one for newborns as this new SunSense Kids Range is only for 6 months + but it provides a very high protection having been made and tested in the Australian Sun.  It is very delicate and non greasy so suitable for sensitive skin, plus it is waterproof too.  Comes in a handy Roll on 50ml for on the go application.



SPF 50+ £10.98

A great high factor sun lotion for the whole family, designed to protect the delicate skin of babies right from birth.  This is very water-resistant, is easy to apply, absorbed quickly and leaves the skin beautifully soft and with the familiar Mustela fragrance. 


Ladival Kids 

SPF50+ £20

Great advanced infrared protection system which gives 4 times more protection against the sun’s damaging rays.  A great suncream for children with sensitive skin or excema.  Extra water resistant but for maximum protection always re-apply after swimming.  Easily absorbed.


Ultrasun Family & Ultrasun Extreme SPF 50+

SPF 30 high 100ml £19

Suncare doesn’t get much better than this.  A ‘once a day’ application and you are covered.  Completely water resistant, non greasy this Swiss made product is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and it also helps to prevent ‘prickly heat’.  We used the ‘family’ cream which is a lighter texture than the Extreme cream due to its higher SPF but they are both absorbed into the skin quickly with no sticky residue - the whole family gave it a thumbs up.