Travel Sickness Tips

Travel Sickness

My youngest is the only one in our family to suffer from travel sickness – car, air and sea. The first time she was air sick I thought she had picked up a bug!  

We now make sure we pack a spare set of clothes and most importantly give her some travel sickness tablets such as Stugeron before we leave ( £3.47 age 5+). We’re also a big fan of acupressure Sea Band wrist bands which naturally help alleviate nausea ( £8.59).  

Stugeron 15

Motion sickness happens when the inner ear sends different signals to your brain from those your eyes are seeing and it is these confused messages that can make you feel unwell. I asked GP Lucy Hooper, mum of two and co-founder of Coyne Medical for her top tips on how to deal with motion sickness.

Top Tips  

  • Don't travel on a full stomach. Have a dry cracker or ginger biscuit on hand.
  • Don't get too hot; fresh air helps, open your car windows.
  • Acupressure wrist bands are a good drug-free option.
  • Anti-nausea tablets are worth trying for children who vomit.
  • Sit on a newspaper or brown paper bag! Not sure how it works...but it makes cleaning up easier if it happens!
  • Look ahead or out of the window and avoid digital devices and reading.
  • Distract with I Spy, music, sing, talk, listen to audio books.
  • Plan for the worst - change of clothes, wipes, easy to dispose of bags.
  • Sea Bands