Tweens/Teens Skincare

When the first spots start to appear, it can be difficult to find a product you can trust. 

organic young skincare face wash

Green People have been making organic, nurturing skincare products for 20 years and have just launched Organic Young or Oy!  

organic skincare blemish concealer

My two daughters, each with different skin types, tried out the new range. The foaming face wash, which is applied to dry skin and rinsed off, was perfect for both of them and left their skin feeling super clean. Use a annel for a deeper clean. My eldest found leaving it on overnight was great for clearing spots. My 13-year-old has drier skin and she found that using the serum underneath the moisturiser kept her skin soft and smooth. The tinted spot concealer, whilst covering up blemishes, is also kind to skin.

organic skincare moisturiser

From £10