Autumn Interior News 17

Special Storage

‘Favourite Things’ lamps and beautiful wooden shelves to show off your favourite things.

Solvej Swing

These beautiful swings will grow with your child. Use indoors in a playroom or outside. From 6 months to approx 6 years. £159.95


Guarantee a great night's sleep with this unique take on the traditional dreamcatcher, making sure bad thoughts don't come anywhere near. £25

Kids Clocks

These glow-in-the-dark clocks are great for a child’s bedroom wall. Choose from popcorn, ice cream and candy floss.

Sleeping Bags

Going on your first sleepover is an important milestone. Bundle Beds and Sleeping Bag Beauties have you covered.


Washable Rugs

Why has no one come up with this before? No fear of spilling milk or anything else in the playroom. €195


Awesome Desks

You’re never too young to have your own work space. Desks from and

Astronaut Light

We couldn't resist this astronaut light in fluro pink, white or gold. £124.95