Neutral Territory

Children’s design has grown up. In these post-gender days it’s no longer about blue for boys or pink for girls. ‘Nowadays,’ says Olivia Brookman, co-founder of chic kids’ boutique Olli Ella, ‘we’ve seen a departure from traditional decorating with parents embracing an individual aesthetic for their child’s room… Social media has played a key role in this change because our homes are no longer private spaces but seen as a reflection of ourselves.’ A quick scroll through Instagram proves her point. From Amsterdam to Ankara, parents are bypassing the his-and-hers-divide for a melting-pot of globally genderless style: vintage rattan cribs framed by floating muslin drapes; pearly-grey walls offset by flashes of mint or butter yellow. There are Scandi-esque cots framed by murals, while everywhere, low-key, low-slung furniture strikes a stylish contrast to the garish, bulky designs of the early noughties.

Setting the Look

To conjure this genderless feel, begin with colour.

Furniture for All

Fabulous beds, funky wardrobes, colourful desks and many more

Accessorise Accessorise

Once you’ve established your neutral zone, have fun with accessories!

Soft Touches

To seal the genderless feel, ditch the Disney duvet and throw in some chic bedding.


Take a leaf out of Madame Chanel’s book and keep it simple with black and white.