Over the Rainbow

Bright primary colours and strong textures dominate this fashion season.


NELLY wears jumper by Simple Kids £160 smallable.com; shorts £35 gussyandlou.com; shoes, from £14 marksandspencer.com; hair clips £6 rockahulakids.com 


KAMRAN wears hoodie £15 by Little Bird mothercare.com; shorts, from £24 boden.co.uk; shoes £71 youngsoles.co.uk

DAISY wears jumper £16; jeans, from £13 and slip-ons, from £16 next.co.uk

JAZZY wears dress £69 by Milk on the Rocks smallable.com; necklace £16.96 acornandwill.co.uk; trainers £79 kurtgeiger.com

POPPY wears romper £35 noe-zoe.com; booties £42 amyandivor.com


JAZZY wears jumper £44 molo.com; skirt £55 by Hundred Pieces smallable.com; rainbow bag £22 bonton.fr; slip-ons £79 kurtgeiger.com


KAMRAN wears t-shirt £39 by Bobo Choses smallable.com; shirt, from £80 and shorts, from £70 caramel-shop.co.uk; trainers, from £20 next.co.uk

DAISY wears t-shirt £30 by Le Petit Lucas du Tertre smallable.com; skirt £13 by Little Bird mothercare.com; trainers, from £18 next.co.uk; badges £6 each and hairband £2.50 acornandwill.co.uk


DAISY wears jumper, from £10 next.co.uk; skirt £65 by Indee smallable.com; trainers £79 kurtgeiger.com

JAZZY wears jumper £72 by Indee smallable.com; skirt £110 igloindi.com; boots £58 angels-face.co.uk; necklace £16.96 acornandwill.co.uk

KAMRAN wears shirt £60 by Le Petit Lucas du Tertre smallable.com; jacket, from £85 caramel-shop.co.uk; trousers, from £11 next.co.uk; trainers, from £34 boden.co.uk