Winter 17 Fashion Shoot

This 12th-century, seaside friary offered a spooky backdrop to our Winter shoot, complementing the rich fabrics and textures of the clothes. As night fell, we could hear the tide come in as the mist and ravens descended ...

Fashion Stylist Annie Reid, Photographer Sandi Friend, Assistant Fashion Stylist Louise Simkins

kids fashion shoot

SURAJ wears velvet jacket £58 and trousers £43 by Billybandit; shirt £45; Chelsea boots, from £78,

winter fashion shoot

ROSIE wears dress £95; tights £12; Rosie T-bar shoes, from £66

winter kids fashion shoot

ELLA wears blouse £42; cord dungarees £75; Vans X Peanuts slip-ons £52 IONA wears overall £85; T-bar gold shoes, as before.

kids fashion

ROSIE wears dress £65; leather Chelsea boots, from £55 IONA wears playsuit £65; Rosie T-bar gold shoes £66 SELINA wears blouse by Les Coyotes Des Paris £125; velvet shorts £199; tights £8; boots £175 MARIELLA, see below, and shaggy gilet £65 ZIK, see below, and jumper £65 ELLA, see below

winter shoot 

ELLA wears dress by Louis Louise £73.10; Rosie T-bar gold shoes, £66

winter shoot

MARIELLA wears dress, from £215; Rosie T-bar rose shoes, from £66 ZIK wears shirt £50 and trousers £45 both; boots, from £60