Escape Room Parties

If you are looking for a fun, mysterious but slighting challenging party for older children then this is the one.

Party Goers are locked inside a themed room and need to work together to solve a series of puzzles, find codes and keys that will open padlocks, to enable them to escape the room, before the one hour timer runs out.

These parties are exhilerating and a memorable experience for children to enjoy with their friends. The games are challenging but give a great sense of achievement when you have escaped the room and encourages children to work together with their friends to solve the puzzles. If you are struggling staff will give you clues throughout the game.

Recommended for over 12s but our 11 year old has been to a couple of these parties and they all succeeded in escaping.

There are a couple of venues in London -

London Bridge has two themed Escape Rooms, the Pharaoh’s Chamber or Room 33, £17 per person for 7 players.

Wimbledon has the Mystery Cube. £18 per person for 5 players.

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