Graffik Gallery Graffiti Party

After the roaring success of my eldest daughter's party at Graffik Gallery a few years ago, we returned with great anticipation now that my youngest had finally reached 10 (nearly 11)! 

The Gallery has undergone a total refurbishment and is looking really great. The main gallery was full of brightly lit colourful original works, there's a new Banksy Gallery downstairs plus a great new gift shop selling badges, T Shirts and other graffiti related things.

We were greeted by the softly spoken and utterly charming gallery owner, Jay, who led all five excited girls out to the spraying yard. Here they were shown how to use the spray cans to colour the backgrounds of their canvases. This involved, to their delight, a lot of paint spraying and paint flicking! Leaving the canvases to dry, we then went back into the main gallery where Jay helped all the girls pick a design and create a stencil using paper and a cutting blade. His patience and attention to detail was pretty impressive with five girls all wanting his help at the same time. Once completed, we then returned to the spraying yard to finish off their designs. 

A real highlight was when the girls were let loose on a blank white wall in the gallery's backyard with spray cans in hand - I have never seen such excitement. See the picture below for the end result.

It's safe to say that the entire party was a HUGE success, as I was tucking Jessie up in bed she said it was the best party she had ever had. Job done!

We'll be back again next year. 

Workshops run for two hours, prices on request. Children wear protective jumpsuits, rubber gloves and face-masks whilst spraying. Bring your own cake and snacks. Ages 10+ 

Jessie's review

For my 11th Birthday I really wanted a graffiti party at Graffik Gallery. I remember my sister had one there a few years ago and I had to wait til I was ten to have my own one.

Jay our graffiti teacher was really cool and very talented at graffiti art. He was so kind and helped everyone at my party to improve our pictures. In the end they all looked completely amazing and we were all thrilled with our graffiti canvases.

There was a wall in the garden of the gallery that was painted white so we could spray paint whatever we liked – I LOVED THAT! We were allowed to show all of our creativity.

Jay was really inspirational and was so kind to us, all of my friends absolutely adored him.

I would definitely like to have my party there again next year and I think that it was the best party I have ever had”.

Jessie Colls aged (nearly 11).