Hosting a Sleepover Party

Top Ten Tips for Hosting your own Kids' Sleepover Partyhow to host a sleepover party for kids

How to host the perfect sleepover. At angels & urchins’ HQ, we have had our fair share of sleepover disasters and successes, which puts us in the perfect position to offer some advice.

1) Sounds obvious but you need to plan the whole event – from beginning to end, the morning too. A theme works well as you can carry this through various activities.

2) 8 total should be the maximum number of guests. Sort out who is sleeping where before the guests – with names or numbers (so people can pull out of a hat where they are sleeping).

3) Factor in some exercise (to run off all the inevitable sugar). Trip to the park, treasure hunt, races.

4) A ‘midnight’ feast will be expected. Keep sugar to a minimum but keep it ‘treaty’. Top tip: change all the clocks around the house (easy if they hand in any phones at beginning of party).

5) Watching a film is a good way to wind down with popcorn and pink milk. Go by the film certificate guide and be aware that some children find different topics/themes scary. Play it safe!

6) Ask parents if there is anything you should be aware of: bedwetting, allergies, nightmares. Make sure you have to hand everyone’s mobile numbers.

7) Plan the next morning: string out breakfast by making pancakes and the kids can do their own toppings, then set up a craft activity. 

8) Why not roll out the red carpet. And give 'going-home' presents on arrival – a multipack of PJs can be picked up quite reasonably at Primark and Next.

9) Be clear about pick-up time. 

10) Enjoy it. Pretend you are 7 years old and remember all the excitement that goes with it!


 Kids' sleepovers bed allocationred carpet for kids' sleepover party

If the kids are young perhaps you can remind your guests to bring a favourite toy or special muslin/blanket. You could suggest they bring a favourite game like Top Trumps everyone can play together. 

Some people combine an actual party with a sleepover so bring in professional crafters or spa experts.