Bath Time Essentials

I love bath time but it is coming to the end of the day and kids are tired so its great to have some products that give you a helping hand and some that will make their bath time full of fun, giggles and sparklingly clean.  Just remember, never leave babies/toddlers in the bath alone - its so easy to think you can, but never underestimate the power of water.

Puj Flyte Baby Bath

The most perfect travel companion and bathing solution for newborns. 

Beaba Compact Bath

A great, waterproof canvas bath that is super soft and supple on baby’s skin.

Shnuggle Bath

This bath looks like its been transported from space but its clever design keeps baby comfortable and supported and they love it. 

The Original Cuddledry Hands Free Baby Bath Towel

These towels make taking your baby out of the bath so much easier.  


This hair towel is perfect for stopping wet hair soaking the back of pyjamas especially as the cold nights draw in.  


The Knee Pall gives you a perfectly designed cushion that doesn't mind getting wet and won’t get slippery so you can enjoy their bath time without worrying your knees. 

Jelly Bath Stars

Great for very slippery baths yet no need for a huge bathmat that always gets in the way. 

White Hot Super Safety Bath Duck

These ducks are great and will warn you if the water is too hot to make sure you get it just right every time. 

Baby Born Bathing Fun Doll

A very sweet doll who makes bath time fun!

Skiphop Moby Bath Rinser

This clever Whale-jug lets you pour water over your kids head without that water pouring all over their face.  

Chuckling Goat 

The most beautifully delicate bath and skin products for adults and now children.  

Mini Moo Bubbly Wash

Delicate, wonderfully bubbly and no harsh chemicals.