iCandy Orange buggy launch

icandy orange

It doesn't happen very often that there is a truly unique launch. The iCandy Orange has been two and a half years in the making and journalists today were invited to see it for the first time. First in Virtual Reality (yes, we had the headsets) so we got to see the 30+ different configurations and different colours and then the product itself. One of the key features is the built-in buggy board which can support the weight of a 25kg child (that's about age 6). And the different combinations is staggering – rear-facing/forward-facing combination, up high (suitable for restaurants), car seat compatible the list goes on and on. And the storage basket could easily fit a weekly shop. 


It's going to be a winner. No information on price yet but it is mid-market pricing. Launching in March - we'll update as soon as we know. 


Here is a picture of 'Jason' on the buggy board.