Interview with Clemmie Hooper

Did you always want to be a midwife? Yes, from since I can remember. As a child all I wanted to watch were those medical programmes. I used to quiz my mother about childbirth, I was so fascinated by it all.

Where did you meet Simon? At a club in Bristol! How do you juggle a busy career with being a mum of 4? We had our first, Anya, when we were 22 and 24 and were both at the start of our careers. We learnt to juggle together from the start; we’ve always been 50:50 when it comes to childcare. Simon plaits the girls’ hair, does the school drop off ... he could do a little more housework but that’s another story! Our in-laws are amazing, we are so lucky to have them. My mum comes up once a week from Kent to help out. We’re actually off on holiday in a few weeks with Simon’s parents.

Advice for a first-time mum? Read my book ...

Which antenatal classes would you recommend? Definitely hypnobirthing. The London Hypnobirthing classes held in Dulwich are great.

Hospital bag essentials? Lip balm, as your lips get so dry during labour, a hairband, water spray to keep you cool and earplugs – don’t forget them.

Must-have product for first-time parents? We found the Sleepyhead pods amazing when we had the twins. Also, the Snuzpod bedside cribs are great – they make breastfeeding at night so much easier.

Best parenting app? I love the Quility app; the mindful parenting section is brilliant.

Favourite present for a newborn? I always buy the mother a gift, something spoiling like a candle. Jellycat toys make a lovely gift for newborns.

Next big thing in parenting? I think we all need to learn to slow down – myself included.

Most important thing to teach your children? Manners and kindness.

Best advice you’ve been given? Pick your battles.

Favourite restaurant with and without the kids? We never go to restaurants with the kids, it is utter chaos and not worth it! If we have a night away from the kids I love to go to Oklava, in Shoreditch. Delicious Turkish food.

Perfect weekend in London? The trick we find is to listen to the kids and find out what they want to do. It takes us an hour to leave the house so if they are just feeling like a relaxed day at home there is no way we will drag them out. If we do venture out we love going for bike rides in Brockwell Park; we’re so lucky to have this on our doorstep. 

What to do on a rainy summer’s day? My girls aren’t into baking and neither am I, so that’s a relief. They love their art, especially Marni. Popping on a film always keeps them happy.

What are your plans this summer? We are off to Corfu, I cannot wait. Taverna-style lunches are my favourite. We are going with my parents-in-law so hopefully it will be a holiday.

What flavour ice cream do you like? Salted caramel.

Plans for the rest of 2017? I am working on a pregnancy journal; and a second book is in the pipeline – so it’s going to be a busy rest of the year.

How to Grow a Baby (and Push it Out) by Clemmie Hooper £14.99 Vermilion @mother_of_ daughters

CLemmie hooper and family

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