Interview with Holly Willoughby


Holly Willoughby

We love your style. What are your favourite brands? I love Zara, you can always find lots of lovely bits in there and their tailoring is great. I also love Marks and Spencers too


What do you love/hate about London? I love that London is so dynamic, there's so much to see, so much to do and it's all on your doorstop 


What’s your favourite place to shop in London – for you / your kids? I love a farmers' market - I love shopping when you can taste the produce first - there's nothing better than sampling yummy cheeses or artisan bread. It's a really nice way to do your shopping


Where are your favourite London spots to hangout with kids? Chester absolutely loves the London Transport Museum and seeing all of the buses and old trains so we spend a lot of time there!


What’s your secret to looking great (even first thing in the morning) – your beauty must-have? My top tip for looking more sprightly in the morning than you feel is to always curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, it can work wonders!


What is your favourite thing about motherhood? Cuddles and watching your kids develop into little people right in front of your eyes


How do you juggle your time? With great precision, I'm a real stickler for being on time. I can get a lot done in a short space of time but that's the only way to make everything work and ensure that the real quality time is spent at home


What do you think of Instagram? I love Instagram, it's full of great ideas and it's a really easy way to see what everyone's up to


How do you stay calm? I love a bath! One of my great joys in life is running a bath, pouring in lots of lovely smelling oils and listening to desert islands discs on the radio


Who is your hero? My mum and dad


What is your best advice for life? Try and live in the moment as much as possible and appreciate  all of the good things that you have in your life 


What music do your kids like listening to? They really love Bruno Mars at the moment. They also know most of the words to quite a lot of 90s brit-pop music as their father constantly has it on!


What’s your favourite holiday ever? We went to Disney World at Easter which is always such a brilliant fun, it's truly magical


What’s your favourite cocktail? A margarita 


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