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Our Spring 2020 edition is out! Click on the button below to read it online.


Potty Training

With more time on our hands at the moment and nowhere to go, it feels like the perfect time to start potty training my 2 year old. Here are some fun and practical ideas for you and your little one to see you through this exciting milestone. Good luck!

Sweet books for your little one to read on and off their potty!

Hilarious tale of a little Princess who learns to love her potty. We have had this story requested again and again! £6.99 Andersen Press

On My Potty

The simple text, bright illustrations, and everyday situations, all engage and encourage toddlers to use their potty! £5.99 Walker Books

A charming and energetic book for your potty trainees. £11.99 Walker Books

A book for YOU

Amanda Jenner, ITV’s Toilet Training expert has written this very easy to read quide on how to potty train your child in five days (sounds good doesn't it?!). I'm half way through and already feel a lot more confident about the milestone. £7.99 PENGUIN

Potty chair 

The Potty Chair is a well-designed potty with soft contours, a high backrest and comfy armrests. Your child can just sit back, relax and take all the time they need. The inner potty is easy for you to take out, empty, and rinse or wipe clean. £30.99

Minimal mess

This clever companion to your toilet training journey features an anti-slip edge, easy-to-grip handles, a splatter shield and is positioned at an angle to keep your little one comfortable. Designed to fit any toilet seat. £15

My 1st pants

These potty training pants in fun designs have been created to ease the transition from nappy to potty. They have a concealed water resistant layer and inner pad to contain little accidents. Your little one will love wearing them. From £5.49

Training pack

This pack includes a picture book, a programme for the parents, plus a rewards box and chart with stickers to help encourage little ones out of nappies. My daughter is a sucker for stickers so I'm hoping a little sticker bribery will work magic. £15

In reach

A stool will come in handy during potty training and afterwards, allowing your child easy reach to the toilet or bathroom sink independently. This stool is light enough for your child to move and comes in an array of pretty colours to match your bathroom. £20.99

Protect the sheets!


Once you crack potty training during the day, the next step is getting your little one out of night nappies. The kids' waterproof mattress protectors from Hippychick are seriously discreet and a must for any nighttime mishaps! £25.95