Second Time Around

Baby number two is on its way and all those hand-me-downs are waiting to come out of storage; in the meantime some new and improved versions have hit the market. This is not to say you need to go out and buy brand new everything, but if you’re looking to upgrade your kit, or want to try things a little differently SECOND time around with number two, read on… 



Perhaps your first birth didn’t quite go to plan and you’re after a more positive experience this time around. Jenny Smith, NHS midwife and founder of the Jentle Childbirth Foundation can help. Her new Birth Wrap classes aim to provide a safe and holistic approach to your wishes for birth. £370 for 6 classes


It can be tricky trying to explain the wonder of pregnancy to a toddler. Babyccino founders, Courtney Adamo and Esther Van de Paal, have written a fun and informative guide to help your little one get to grips with the new arrival. 9 months £9.99 Lincoln Children’s Books


Taking 5 minutes out of your day for a bit of self-reflection is therapeutic and will help create a beautiful keepsake of special memories. Clemmie Hooper’s new hardback journal with tips, advice and plenty of support is sure to encourage pen-to-paper. How to Grow a Baby Journal £16.99 Vermilion




This video monitor allows you to hear, see and even talk to your little one from around 300 metres away. Digital Video Monitor £170


Swaddling is a whole lot easier these days with suits such as the Ergobaby Original Swaddler. The unique removable leg pouch for quick and easy nappy changing is genius. £19.90


As baby number one is now (hopefully) sleeping through the night, the broken nights might be a shock to the system. A sleeping aid like the brilliant Whisbear should help reduce the number of nightly wakes. The bear helps newborns adjust to postnatal life by recreating soothing sounds of the womb. £49.99


Perhaps you chose the charming moses basket for your first and quickly realised it wasn’t particularly practical for night feeding and after a few months your baby was bursting out of it. This cot is designed to allow you to be able to sleep next to your baby, without sharing the same bed. It can be used as a side-sleeping crib, as a stand-alone crib or as travel crib. The crib can also be inclined to help with baby’s congestion and reflux. The mattress is 50% bigger than a moses basket. Chicco Next2Me £229




Buggy envy is an expensive pursuit but if you want to upgrade your first pair of wheels there are a couple of newbies to tempt you. The Fox from Bugaboo can be taken anywhere, from city streets to snowy trails or country walks; the all-wheel suspension and big tyres ensure a smooth ride wherever you are. The ultra-light frame and seamless fold is a big bonus when juggling two. Plus, the canopy and carrycot is made from 92 plastic bottles! Bugaboo Fox, from £979 iCandy’s Orange allows over 30 configurations (we defy anyone to need that many!) and can easily be upgraded to a double or twin pushchair. The pram converts from bassinet to seat without extra parts. So no need to store that extra bit of kit you only used for 6 months. The integrated ride-on board is a big plus and holds an impressive 20kg. iCandy Orange from £875 



Car seats are generally only good for about six years, so be sure to check the expiration (most can be found in the manual). There are lots of improved models; this 360 car seat has our vote. It ensures getting in and out is smooth and simple by rotating the seat towards you, your back will be grateful. Suitable for rearward or forward facing travel up to 18kg. Spin 360 signature £299


A scooter is a great way to encourage your eldest out of the pram to make room for the new baby. The sturdy Mini Micro is suitable from 12 months to 5 years. Mini Micro 3in1, from £94.95 For toddlers that want to walk but can’t yet go that far, a ride-on board is a great way to extend your single buggy and get places fast. Both Bugaboo’s Fox Comfort and Lascals’ BuggyBoard Maxi can incorporate a saddle seat for tired legs. Genius. Bugaboo Fox Comfort Wheeled Board £90 Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi £110


The latest carrier from BabyBjörn has a higher head support and a wider seat, providing ultimate comfort for your little one. The new padded shoulder straps help distribute the weight across your shoulders and back ensuring your comfort too. BabyBjörn Carrier One £139




The latest breast pump from Medela is small yet powerful. The pump features Medela’s 2-Phase Expression Technology, which simulates the natural sucking behaviour of your baby, beginning with a quick sucking rhythm and then a slow rhythm to express milk comfortably. The double design efficiently pumps more milk at one time. The ability to move around hands-free (with their Easy Expression Bustier £30) is a big plus. Freestyle Double Electric Breastpump £329.99



Not your average highchair. This chair is truly multi-purpose! You can use it from day one (as a bouncer with the iCandy Pod) and later as a low chair, perfect for arts & crafts or as a rocking chair. MiChair £260


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night prepares a formula feed bottle to the correct temperature in just two minutes. The new glow light setting makes for easier night feeds. In truth however, other than the nightlight we are not sure it warrants replacing the original model (if you purchased it for your first). £129.99 


This fantastic five-in-one family cooker will keep the whole family satisfied. Both the blender and steamer can be used intandem or detached for use individually, plus the two cooking baskets allow you to prepare a variety of foods separately. Puree food for baby, cook a family feast and make yourself a pick-me-up smoothie all with the same system. The generous sized capacity means you can fill up the freezer with home-cooked meals in one go. Nutribaby Plus £139




The clever DoddleBags safely store your homemade food and are reusable up to 50 times. Most of the single-use baby food pouches cannot be recycled and are destined for landfill. £9.99 for 10 bags


Opt for glass bottles over plastic. Not only are they an eco-friendly option but they are guaranteed to be chemical free. Hevea £16


Millions of disposable nappies are thrown away every day and each one can take a staggering 500 years to decompose. For biodegradable nappies try or head to Bambino Mio for reusable nappies and swim nappies in fun designs


If you have one child, surely you can have another just as easily? Not necessarily. Secondary infertility can affect many couples. Should you need to take further steps, Imperial provides a unique mix of NHS and private care in their fertility clinics. They also offer a fertility MOT, which includes a detailed consultation, blood tests, semen tests and an ultrasound scan to gauge if there is a problem.