Secondary Infertility

You've got your life mapped out in perfect formation: career, life and kids. But sometimes your body rejects the schedule and you find you have to think again. Baby number one might have been almost an ‘accident’, it happened so wonderfully easily. Your precious bundle is growing up and your schedule suggests you should be thinking about number two. Insensitive questions from well-meaning family, friends and even just people you meet on the street will begin: ‘When are you going to get going with number 2?’ and ‘wouldn’t it be lovely to give your first a brother or sister’. Even if you think you can brush it off, after every negative pregnancy test that follows these questions reverberate around your head.

The fact that your body has done it once before, you assume that the little blue line will appear on your pregnancy stick but this isn’t always the case. ‘Secondary Infertility’ affects many families but couples often refrain from getting help as they feel that it is just ‘bad luck’. We are born with all the eggs we will ever have, so past the age of 30 the quality and quantity of our reserves decrease and our fertility starts to take a dive. Of course fertility doesn’t just depend on the women’s age; men’s sperm changes too and can be affected by medication, health and lifestyle.


See articles below for ways that can help: