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Our Spring 2020 edition is out! Click on the button below to read it online.


The Sleeping Baby

A Baby Monitor and More

Owlet has designed the first ever baby monitor to track heart rate and oxygen levels on your smartphone. The Owlet Smart Sock uses proven pulse oximetry, wrapped in a tiny sock, to track heart rate and oxygen levels. If levels leave preset zones, parents are notified immediately. They have recently launched the Owlet Cam which transforms your smartphone into a baby monitor so you can hear and see your baby from anywhere. When at home use their wall mounting kit with cable guards to position the camera above your baby's cot. The monitor is very neat and is therefore perfect for taking with you on your travels. From £149

Bedtime Massage

Baby Sleep Bedtime Massage Oil is a 100% blend of easily absorbed natural plant oils. Make baby massage an integral part of your baby's bedtime ritual. This massage oil contains a blend of ylang ylang, chamomile and lavender, which naturally soothes your baby, preparing them for a perfect night’s sleep. £16

Snug As A Bug

This snug-fit sleeping bag is designed to keep your little ones feeling secure, resulting in a longer night’s sleep for all! £40

Cosy Nest

Use this stylish moses basket around the house for daytime naps and in the evening next to your bed, to keep your baby close by. £99

Sleeping On The Move

The Kubbie Sleep allows you to sleep side by side whilst on your travels. If you are used to this mode of sleeping, you certainly won't want to stop whilst you are away from home - so this travel cot really sets itself apart with this feature. Simply lift and lower the side panel and use the strap and clip attachment to locks the cot in tight to your bed. The cot folds into a suitably small travel bag. From birth to 15kg. £99

The Finest Mattress

It's worth investing in a top quality mattress for your child. Naturalmat's mattresses are made with the highest quality materials, including organic and very soft lambswool – making them very comfortable. The materials used guarantee cosiness in winter and just the right level of ventilation in summer. From £140

A Bed For Years To Come

We are huge fans of the Sleepi from Stokke. The evolving bed grows with your child from birth up to 3 years and with the additional Junior Extension Kit up to 10 years. After that it can be used as a daybed in a teenager's bedroom. £575

White Noise

Use this portable white noise machine at home or whilst you're on the move to help soothe and settle your little one. £44.95

Top Tips

These books provide gentle methods and advice on helping your little one to sleep through the night. Fingers crossed!