Weaning your baby is a huge baby milestone. It is a time when you might begin to wind down breastfeeding and that intimate bond that you have shared becomes less intense. In a way, it is your baby’s first step towards independence. That must be why we all feel terribly anxious to get it right. Are they eating enough, will they grow up with a curiosity to try new foods, must I be doing something wrong if my baby isn’t eating? Delve any deeper and it all gets quite Freudian.

The NHS advises parents to start to wean their babies around six months old. At the early stages, babies will still be getting most of their nutrients from milk, and weaning is all about new experiences. Take it slowly. If he or she sees you eating that is often the best way to learn that food is more than just a fun toy. Getting together with a group of parents weaning babies of the same age is a great way for parents not to get too anxious and for babies to learn from their peers. Organix, the baby food manufacturer, are promoting social eating and ‘Babies who Lunch’ and have an excellent downloadable leaflet to set you on the right track.

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