Education Q&A

susan hamlyn

Susan Hamlyn of The Good Schools Guide has years of experience in the education sector and her practical, down to earth advice is invaluable. Scroll down for her words of wisdom on a variety of issues from starting out aged 4 to the dreaded 11+.

Please email with any questions you would like Susan to consider.

Top 5 Tips for the First Day of School

The countdown is on. Susan Hamlyn's top five tips for a happy first day

Tutoring for 7+ exams

Would it be wise to tutor my 6 year-old for 7+ exams if he's not officially prepared at his current school?



11+ and 13+

Would it be better for our son to change schools at 11 or wait until 13 to move to Senior School?










School Visits

Should we take our daughter on 11+ school visits, or is it better to go on our own in the first instance?



11+ Overload!

How many schools is too many schools to apply to at 11+?

Primary school sport

Can I force my son's school to provide more sport during the school week?

Term-time holidays

My children have different half terms. It is OK for me to take one of them out of school for a family holiday?