Computers and kids

The news is awash with horror stories about children as young as three being addicted to the internet; kids being cyber bullied; 9 out of 10 youngsters having viewed internet porn. A survey conducted by the National Association of Head Teachers found that 83% of parents looked to schools to teach their children about the dangers of the internet. The potential problem areas seem to be threefold: using the internet too much, being exposed to inappropriate material and social networking sites. So what are schools doing and what can parents do to support them?


How much is too much?

How much time should kids spend looking at the screen, and at what age?

Safety Online

The government may be committed to making the internet safer for kids, but how safe is it really?

Keeping Safe at Home

How good is safety software? And where and when should kids be allowed to surf the web?

Phones and Social Media

How safe are smart phones? And how young should kids be allowed on social media sites?