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Upcoming School Open Days

Book onto a school open day to get a feel for a school, the teaching staff and, most importantly, the pupils. Here are upcoming ones for this term. We will update them weekly.  

Do remember you don't always have to wait for an open day, call the school and they may be able to arrange a private tour.


London Prep Schools

Abercorn School
13 Sept, 18 Oct, 22 Nov, 9.15am

Alleyn's Junior School
21 Sept, 10am–12pm

Bassett House School
4 Oct, 2–3.30pm

Broomwood Hall and Northcote Lodge
11 Oct, 9am–2pm

College Francais Bilingue de Londres
27 Sept, 5 Oct

Devonshire House School 
16/17 Oct

Dulwich College Junior School
12 Oct, 9.30am–12pm

Durston House
10, 11 Oct

Eaton House Belgravia, Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep
30 Oct, 7–9pm

Eaton House the Manor, Boys
18, 25 Sept, 9am–10.30am (sold out)
2, 9 Oct, 9–10.30am

Eaton House the Manor, Girls
17, 24 Sept; 1, 8 Oct, 9–10.30am

Falcons Pre-Preparatory School
12 Oct, 10.30am–12pm

Falcons Prep, Richmond
4 Oct (Reception), 11 Oct (Year 3–7), 9.30–11.30am

Falcons School for Girls
28 Sept, 10am–12pm

Francis Holland, Sloane Square
23 Sept, 4 Nov

The Gower School
17, 24 Sept; 1, 29 Oct; 12, 19 Nov, 9.45–11.30am

The Hall School, Wimbledon
23 Sept, 9 Oct, 9.15–11am

The Hampshire School
17 Sept, 9–11.15am

Hawkesdown House School
26 Sept, 9.15am, 10.15am

James Allen's Preparatory School
3 Oct

Kensington Wade School
5 Oct

Kew College
23 Sept, 9.30am

The Lyceum
11 Sept, 6 Nov

Lyndhurst House Prep and Pre-Prep
16, 31 Oct, 9.30am

Maple Walk School
9 Sept, 7 Oct, 9.30am; 26 Sept, 2pm

Newton Prep
12 Oct

Northbridge House Prep School
4 Oct, 8 Nov, 9.30am

Old Vicarage School
4 Oct

Orchard House School
10 Oct, 9.30–11.30am

Orley Farm School
12 Oct, 10am–12pm

Parkgate House School
5 Oct, 9.30am–12pm

Parsons Green Prep
5 Oct 

Prince’s Gardens Prep (opens 2020)
Mon 23 Sept, 10 am

Prospect House School
5 Oct, 9.30–11.30am

Putney High School
12 Oct, 17 Oct, 18 Oct

Queen's College Preparatory School
10 Oct, 9.30am

Queen's Gate
17, 27 Sept, 3 Oct, 12, 20 Nov, from 9.15am

Radnor House School
5 Oct, 9 Nov

The Roche School
21st Sept, 9.30am–12pm; 11 Oct, 20 Nov, 9.15–11am

Rokeby School
5 Oct

Saint Christina's School
8 Oct

St Benedict's School, Ealing
26 Sept, Nursery and Junior School; 5 Oct, whole school

St James Preparatory School
19 Sept, 21 Nov

St John's Wood Pre-Preparatory School
Fortnightly tours, Thurs, 9.30am

St Paul's Cathedral School
3 Oct, 14 Nov (Pre-Prep); 15 Oct (Prep), 2pm

St Paul's School
2 Nov, 7+/8+

Syndenham High School 
14 Sept, 9am–1pm (whole school); 17 Oct, 9.30–11am (prep)

UCS Junior Branch
12 Sept, 4.30pm

The White House Preparatory School
12 Oct, 9.30–11.30am

Country Prep Schools (boarding)

Beaudesert Park School
18 Oct, 9.30am–12pm

Bedales Prep, Dunhurst
14 Sept

28 Sept, 9.30am–12pm

Beeston Hall School
28 Sept (Prep), 9.30–11.30am, 4 Oct (Pre-Prep), 9–11am

Beechwood Park School
18 Oct, 9.30am–12pm

The Beacon School
5 Oct, 10am–12pm

28 Sept 

Bredon School
5 Oct, 20 Nov

Brighton College
5 Oct

Brockhurst & Marlston
12 Oct, 10.30am–12pm

12 Oct, 10am–12pm

Copthorne Preparatory School
5 Oct

Cothill House
28 Sept, 23 Nov

28 Sept, 23 Nov, 10am–12pm

Cranleigh Preparatory School
5 Oct

Cumnor House Sussex
27 Sept

Dragon School
21 Sept (Day), 12 Oct (boarding), 15 Nov (Pre-Prep)

Eagle House
5 Oct

Edgeborough School
4 Oct, 10.30am–12.30pm

Feltonfleet Prep
28 Sept, 9.3–11.30am

Forres Sandle Manor School
28 Sept, 9 Nov, 10am–12pm

Gayhurst School
2 Oct, (Nursery and Reception), 16 Oct (Year 3), 9.30–11.30am 

Godolphin Salisbury
13 Sept, 8 Nov, 9.30am

Hanford School
5 Oct

Heath Mount School
28 Sept, 9.30am–12pm

Holmewood House
10 Oct

Junior King's Canterbury
12 Oct

King's Rochester School
28 Sept, 9am–12pm

20, 21 Sept

The Oratory Prep
28 Sept

Orwell Park School
12 Oct

The Pilgrims' School
12 Oct, 9am–12pm

Port Regis Preparatory School
5 Oct, 9.30–11.30am

28 Sept, 16 Nov

St George's Windsor Castle
4 Oct

Summer Fields School
5 Oct (Prep), 11 Oct (Pre-Prep), 10.30am

Walhampton School
4 Oct

Winchester House School
28 Sept