Times Tables made easy


We have just been trying out the recently launched www.tablefables.net which teaches children incredibly quickly their times tables and dividing.

Table Fables was created by Becky (a mum of 3) who found current methods of teaching tables frustrating and dull.
Becky realised that she needed to create a new way of helping kids remember the answers - so TF was born.

“Students who have not mastered their tables will very often fall behind in maths (and other subjects that use maths) and begin to loose confidence. All because they did not memorise the times tables!”

'Most parents don’t realise that it’s up to them to teach tables - TF makes this task fun and easy.' says Becky.

It's a wonderful method of making the tables themselves into stories.
Through a very simple animated narrative the children can grasp the basics of the times tables without it feeling like a maths exercise. 
We have tried and tested this with our 7 year old a&u team member with hugely successful results.
There are fun worksheets that you can print out and take out and about with you over the holidays, it's really up to us to get these times tables in their heads, and this website makes the whole process so much more enjoyable.
Try it. 

Sign up with Table Fables for one free week. Table fables will then cost £7.99 a month. 'We find a single month membership can be enough for kids who use TF on a daily basis. Every table has 3 levels of learning so it can accommodate all stages. We also provide worksheets and games to help consolidate what’s being taught.'

For more information visit the website at www.tablefables.net.