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Too Many Exams

I spent a lovely Spring morning looking round Wiltshire prep, Pinewood. It has the most wonderfully engaging, relaxed happy feel to it. Headmaster Philip Hoyland is one of those hands-on Heads who knows every child in his school and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. He feels strongly that children are being over-examined in too many subjects at Common Entrance. So, rather than just complain, he has done something and – with the agreement of the leading public schools that Pinewood feed to – Y8 pupils (with the exception of academic scholars) will not sit Common Entrance in History, Geography and RS. The result:

“We will find more time for current affairs, cultural appreciation, philosophy, PHSE and well-being. Above all it will reduce stress and calm potential pressure, from parent and child alike...”

Pinewood School, Bourton, Shrivenham SN6 8HZ 01793 782205