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Tech & Stem

Got a mini scientist, coder or gamer? One of these whizzy gizmos will be on their list.

Star Gazing

Explore the night sky with this beginner’s table-top Sky Watcher Infinity 7PTelescope ready to be used straight from the box. Buy with a Collins Planisphere(£9) to identify stars.


New Friend

Build a six-legged Tobbie Robot that walks, follows and explores.


Print On The Go


Print instant pictures from your smart phone with the KiiPix Instant Photo Printer. No batteries or connection required. £39.99

Gaming Delight

Go retro with this fab 123cm high Space Invaders Arcade Machine.


Lazer Fun


Combine technology and activity with Lazer MAD Advance Battle Ops. Play in teams or select training mode for target practice. £59.99

Make Magic


Harry Potter fans will love this Make Your Own Wand Coding Kit


Puppy Love

puppy love

The Teksta 360 is a cute puppy who loves to be interacted with. Makes plenty of sounds – yapping, whining,panting and snoring! Walks, sits, begs and even does a back flip.


Coding Fun


The Clementoni Coding Lab Mind Designer is a nifty little device that allows younger kids to experiment with coding manually or by voice. £49.99

Your Very Own Lab

little tikes

Little Tikes Wonder Lab has lots of hands-on play and 20 experiments to conduct.