Top Animal Toys

Animal toys galore 

We have scoured the shops to bring you the angels & urchins' Top list, the must-have toys. 


Doug the PugAnia ArticBullyland penguinSteiff Arco Polar Bear


Octopus Soft Toy


First up on the list is our favourite snuggly Octopus soft toy with movable tentacles. Based on the Giant Pacific Octopus, this is one of the largest species that prefer to live in the cold waters of the North Pacific. This gorgeous pink Octopus comes in three sizes 35-95 cm from £10–£50 London Zoo Shop






Octopus soft toy London Zoo / angels & urchins


Dizzy Hippo Game


Take it in turns to spin the umbrella with a quick flick and pump the drinks can the number of times shown on the umbrella. The Hippo’s tummy will grow as the drinks can is pressed and the winner is the first player who can make Fizzy Dizzy pop and let out a big burp! Hilarious! Suitable for ages 4+ Fizzy Dizzy Hippo, £19.99


Fizzy Dizzy Hippo


Playful Tiger Cub


Make a noise and your little tiger cub will roar back, talk and he will respond. Stroke his head and he might fall asleep. Super cute, cuddly and interactive with over 100 sound and motion combinations. FurReal Roarin’ Tyler The Playful Tiger age 4+ £134.99


 FurReal Roarin’ Tyler The Playful Tiger


Monopoly Dinosaur


We're loving this new Dinosaur: Monopoly from London's National History Museum. A classic game for families to play this festive season and of course all year long too. Claim each dinosaur fossil and leave tents and jeeps on your discoveries. There is however only space for one professor of palaeontology! Dinosaur: Monopoly £30


Dinosaur Monopoly


 Sylvanian Ballet Theatre


This fabulous new this year, Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre would make the perfect big present for children age 3-12 years. The theatre has everything you need for a show and you can even play Swan Lake or The Nutcracker through the built-in speakers or connect your own using an audio cable. Turn the dancers to make them pirouette or change floor to an ice-rink. Comes with chocolate rabbit girl figure wearing pointe shoes and a tutu. Age 3-12 Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre £54.99


Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre


Cheeky Monkeys


Multi-award winning toy, he Cheeky Monkey Game, is not only visually inspiring it involves basic counting skills as well as strategic thinking and learning about taking risks.  Players battle to collect the most bananas – but watch out for other players trying to steal them! Do you play it safe after the first turn or spin the spinner to collect or risk losing your bananas. Cheeky Monkeys £9.50


Cheeky Monkeys


Hamster House


This would be the perfect gift for those children craving a pet to look after. Winkie the hamster will have loads of zooming around in his tunnel and slide. Watch as he runs up the Hamster House tunnel. There is of course room for more than just one hamster. You can collect all of the Zhus Hamsters (sold separately). Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster House Playset age 4+ £29.99


Zhu Zhu Hamster House Playset


Fantastic Fox Tail


Fluffy and sophisticated, this children's Fantastic Fox Tail would make a great addition to any wardrobe! Lots of imaginary games to be had. Age 3+ 40cm in length. £20 Fox tail £20 British Library Shop


Fantastic Fox Tail




Vet on Wheels


A wonderful toy for lots of imaginary veterinary play.  Includes vet, foal, x-ray machine, sliding roof and wall to maximise play and lots of other medical kit. £29.99


Schleich Mobile Vet




Beasts of Balance


Combine a game of dexterity with the digital world and you have Beasts of Balance which we are convinced will be a hit this Christmas. Play alone or with friends to build a tower of animals and ‘artefacts’ on a plinth while they then appear on screen. You must balance physically but also the attributes of the beasts that appear digitally. But beware if your tower falls you’ll need to be quick to rebuild before a volanco erupts. Includes 24 pieces plus electronic plinth. Beasts of Balance age 7+  £69


Beasts of Balance


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