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Our Spring 2020 edition is out! Click on the button below to read it online.


DIY Decorating During Lockdown

If I read one more article about how looking at the same four walls makes me want to change the entire space …..

I have three children to homeschool and trying to keep up some work doesn’t leave much time to start redesigning an entire room. Then there is my budget – it doesn’t seem the right time to be spending money on interiors! That said, start small and don't be too ambitious and there is much you can achieve.

1. The Painted House Pattern Paint Roller

painted house pattern etsy diy lockdown

Patterned Paint Rollers from The Painted House cost £20 on Etsy (plus the wall applicator which is £12) and are brilliant and super easy to use.

Use some old paint and do an area of a room, create that zone to separate a space for your new home office. It isn’t the dreaded 'feature wall' as it is paint on paint and creates a new feeling of texture. Put a boarder around to create a defined area. I’ve rolled doors at home.  Especially good on an old, characterless door. our door at home was one we marked all the kids heights on and brought it with us from each house. Any left over paint in your roller use on bit of material or paper for ready made cushion, wrapping paper.

2. Staircases and doors

stairs leoma style diy lockdown

Stairs looking a bit tired? Create your own runner with a bit of tape and left over paint.

Leoma at Style the Clutter is the stair master!

She also shows how painting one door a bright colour on one side (even less work) looks brilliant.

yellow door leoma diy lockdown leoma pink door diy lockdown

Check her out on instagram @styletheclutter

Photos by Interior Stylist Leoma Harper at Style the Clutter

3. Picture Wall

Let the kids do a graphic wall/ceiling in their bedroom, desk area  - have a look at Anna Proctor's beautiful murals for inspiration.

anna proctor lockdown diy

4. Wall Hanging

Put up a line of peg hooks (available from Garden Trading) and hang up all those annoying things, in our case baseball caps. Suddenly makes it look clear and curated.

wall hanging petit and small diy lockdown

5. Help & Inspiration 


If you are looking for practical help with basics, a&u favourite Paint the Town Green have come up with a brilliant batch of self-isolation decoration tutorials which tackle some of the common problems and questions people have. Phil Robinson (PTTG Founder) presents them and his daughter Amber films! From What is caulk? to How to sand and reseal a wooden worktop to painting MDF shelves, there are seven so far with more in the pipeline. They are fun, practical and even have a catchy intro tune.  And, to get you kickstarted they are offering a&u home decorators a chance to win a 5L pot of their lovely eco paint. Click here to enter.

If you are lacking interior inspiration, have a listen to the excellent podcast The Great Indoors. Or if you are unsure about what would be the best changes to make call in the help of the professionals. decorbuddi, a collaboration of interior designers, have quickly adapted to offer their fantastic bite-size packages of help to change the look of your home remotely from £195.


Or take up that interior online design course. I’ve signed up for Rita Konig at the Create Academy (£127)

Sophie Robinson and Kelly Wearstler (at Masterclass) are worth checking out.

Interiors Accounts to follow 


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