Looking for London's Loveliest Loos

V&A Loos 

"Mum, I'm bursting"; "I need a poo"; "Jimmy's nappies need changing" ....

How often have these or similar cries disrupted a well-planned family outing? For our Spring edition we are aiming to find those rare public conveniences that make the trip a genuine pleasure.

We would love to know which would make your shortlist, and why. It might be a quirky design, distractions for little fingers in the baby-changing section, fun mini sinks. They need to be in a public place, a museum/gallery/theatre/street etc.

Please email us at julia@angelsandurchins.co.uk; tag us on insta (@angelsandurchins) or twitter (@angelsurchins) with the hashtag #londonsloveliestloos