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Our Spring 2020 edition is out! Click on the button below to read it online.

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Our Spring 2020 edition is out! Click on the button below to read it online.


Lockdown: Week 6

Six weeks in, really? And even though the rain was a bit of a joyous release on Tuesday - we sat at our desks with our doors open and enjoyed the steady splashing - we have sort of had enough of it now. Tempers are getting a bit frayed, attempts at communal creativity are waning. I have started doing an early morning pedal to Trafalgar Square and back. A pre-breakfast chat with Horatio has much to recommend itself...

1. Still cooking


The Turner household Saturday Come Dine With Me duo combined mum and daughter number 2. The gravy alone started on Friday with 2kg of chicken carcasses, 3l of water, 1l of wine and 750ml of marsala. It looks disgusting here but the result was delish.

We continue to hear from lots of you who are using supper nights to travel the world. It is a brilliant idea - next week, we are heading to New Orleans!

2. Film Club


What on earth do you watch with a spread of children that is not going to result in family aggro? We have put together our suggestions - from classics of our childhood to the ones we think our children will pass on to theirs. The Lion King has become so embedded in our family life Pride Rock has featured on numerous holidays - on top of which Ah Zabenya has to be sung very loud… (pictured above in Sardinia) Click here for the full list.

3. Competitive Mum

Getting the kids to take regular exercise now school has started again is our current challenge. Sarah's family (mum, dad, two boys and one girl aged 8-15) devised a Weekend Olympics last Sunday. Lesser-known Olympic disciplines including penalty shoot outs, trampolining, getting the rugby ball into a bucket were hotly contested. Sarah was quite subdued at our Monday morning zoom meeting.

4. Creative Energies


We continue to be amazed and heartened at the outpouring of collective genius from our creative artists. Grayson Perry's Art Club is a must watch on Channel 4 for older children (say 8+) and for little ones, don't miss Storystock's new regular storytime sessions at 10am on Fridays. Tomorrow's is with Rob Starling whose brilliant debut picture book, Fergus is Fuming, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize.

5. Re-openings


The Pret a Manger opposite South Ken tube has re-opened. I cycled past it yesterday and almost stopped. Not because I wanted a Classic Super Club but because it felt like going in and buying one would mean life was getting back to normal. On Monday, Sally Clarke is re-opening on Kensington High Street for deli items and a 3 course set takeaway menu from the restaurant. And the Big Mac and fries are coming...