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Our Spring 2020 edition is out! Click on the button below to read it online.


Lockdown: Week 7

1. Thank you NHS

angels-urchins-NHS-rainbow angels-urchins-nhs-rainbow

Health and Toys Editor Suzie's kids spent last weekend rainbowing both back and front doors. They are now contemplating doing the whole house!

2. Brownies and Scouts


Web manager Jo has a brownie and a scout in Lockdown and has been thanking Bear Grylls for his initiative for Lockdown activities, The Great Indoors. The Girl Guides Association has a similar programme, Adventures at Home. Jo's two have been logging in remotely and have taken part in scavenger hunts and been working towards badges. (Jo reckons Brown Owl is handing them out more easily during Lockdown!)

3. The Boy Who Lived


We are a huge Harry Potter house so this was the best press release I have received so far in Lockdown. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, read on video, chapter by chapter, by some of our best known names. Click here for a teaser of who is lined up. Chapter 1 was released on Wednesday is read by Daniel Radcliffe himself. My eldest (second year university) started listening and had to stop because he was choking up. Click here for the recording. Thank you everyone involved. #harrypotterathome

4. Music and Stories


Are you musical? Sadly the Turner family doesn't have a musical bone among us but others in the a&u team are and have signed up for the BBC Arts and Radio 3's Get Creative Lockdown Orchestra's performance of You Got the Love. You have until Sunday to upload your recording and you can get backing music online if you don't want to do it yourselves. Click here for details. 

The wonderful Storystock is now a regular Friday fixture at the Riverside Studios Digital Festival. Tune in via zoom for a fabulous line up. This week it's Sophie Henn, next week they have got Petr Horacek and the following Friday, Michael Morpurgo. Click here for more details. 

5. Me Time


I bought a hot waxing kit online on Day 1 of Lockdown. My daughters had been laughing at me that it was going to be unopened when we come out the other end, so yesterday, to prove them wrong, I put it to use. The coloured balls of wax (they look like millions) melt satisfyingly and an added bonus I hadn't expected was the smell - one that you only get in a beauty salon. I did half leg, underarm and, yes, bikini! It took ages and my right underarm was the trickiest (I am very right handed) but it was surprisingly enjoyable. Roll on the sunshine - I am ready!