New Year's Resolutions

Too many mince pies? Overdosed on personalised Quality Street boxes? If like some of us, you are starting to bear more than a passing resemblance to Henry VIII, January is welcome respite. A dull, clean living, gentle month. Here are some of the things we intend to be doing:

How to be Vegan

Julia is embracing Veganuary. It should be a smooth sailing for her as she did a test run last year. We have given her this book (though in truth she is the least annoying vegan we know.)

How To be Vegan and Keep Your Friends by Annie Nichols £12.99 Quadrille

Roller skate

Jo is learning how to roller skate with D-Instinct and when she is up to it will be showing off her moves at their family Roller Skate discos, every Sunday in Twickenham. Annie and Emily tried it with Skatefresh in Hyde Park and loved it. 

grand york hotel cookery school

Suzie is keen to learn new tricks in the kitchen in 2019. She cannot wait to try a cooking course at The Grand York Hotel's Cookery School when it opens in March. 

Juby bike

Caroline's resolution is to get back on her bike to go to work each day rather than going on the bus. Lucky Emily's daughter got a Pashley for her birthday last year.

a&u mug

Nora wants to use only travel mugs in 2019 for her coffee and stop buying loads of disposable cups. It better be her a&u one!

Jog On Bella Mackie

Emily is blowing the dust off her running shoes and getting inspiration from Bella Mackie's funny and touching new book to reach some parts of London she doesn't know.

Jog On by Bella Mackie, Harper Collins £9.99

Novel Ideas Smythson

Claire is determined to write or draw a full page a day in her brand new notebook, about anything. In the words of Michael Caine, 'Don't get it right, get it written' and hopefully the idea of writing something longer might not be so intimidating. 

This Smythson notebook currently has 40% off in the sale.

Blackpool Dance Festival

And lastly our wonderful photographer Sandi has put her head above the parapet and said her resolution is to brave a dance competition in the Blackpool Ballroom. (Not as unlikely as it would be for any of the rest of us.) Watch out for our 'Weekend in Blackpool' mini break feature! The Blackpool Dance Festival runs 23–28 May.