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Snowdrops and early spring flowers

The first signs of Spring are in full bloom! Enjoy the sunny and milder weather with a visit to a garden and see one of the earliest flowering plants up close.

RHS Wisley

houseplant takeover wisley 1 rhs wisley houseplant takeover 2

There are a mass of snowdrops and spring flowers at the wonderful RHS Wisley in Surrey to fill your Winter Walk with colours.

You can easily turn your visit into a day trip if you explore RHS Wisley's new display as well. The Giant Houseplant Takeover opened last week and is a sure hit with families. Step inside the Glasshouse to discover a reimagined, abandoned Victorian house reclaimed by its plants! You can see a parlour palm reclining by the fireplace, cacti and succulents playing chess, bromeliads lazing in the bedroom, carnivorous climbers munching their way through the kitchen and a giant staghorn fern taking a bath!

The lovely Chelsea Physic Garden is the perfect destination in London to see the snowdrops up close. They re-opened this week with their yearly Heralding Spring programme.The gardens are open from 11am-4pm and have an astonishing array of snowdrops and early spring flowers. 

horniman museum gardens

The Horniman Museum's gardens are truly amazing. The Grasslands Garden and the Display Gardens are beautiful and do be sure to visit the Sunken Gardens and the fabulous Butterfly House. 

Their Farmers' Market on Saturdays is well worth the trip. 9am-1.30pm.

snowdrops kew gardens 

Queen Charlottes' Cottage and the Rock Garden area in Kew Gardens are filled with beautiful snowdrops. There are bug hotels and badger sets along with a mass of logs for climbing, a giant tree house and acres to explore.

For a more exotic option, make sure you book tickets for Kew's Orchids Festival.

orchids 25 kew gardens

Photo credits RGB Kew

Now in its 25th year this celebration of the orchids focuses on the wonders of Indonesia. 

The Prince of Wales Conservatory will be filled with volcanoes and rainforests of Indonesia, and with an extraordinary Carnival of Animals display all made from hundreds of orchid blossoms including bright orange orangutans, a crouching tiger and a rhinoceros.

The display opens 8th Feb and runs until 10th March.