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Our Spring 2020 edition is out! Click on the button below to read it online.


Top Sculpture Shows

We are not sure if we should call them installations or modern sculptures but we reckon these four '3D' shows are all fab for kids.

1. Kara Walker, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

Fons Americanus

Fons Americanus the 42 foot sculpture dominating Tate Modern's Turbine Hall is enormous, filling the vast industrial space with classical curves that seem strangely familiar. See if your kids can guess what famous London landmark it is based on? 

Walker's meditation on the evils of Empire and its impact on the development of Africa and America is taken from the Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace. The themes - colonialism, slavery, exploitation, racism etc - are hard hitting, but there is a lightness of touch. The caricature figures are grotesque but not scary and kids will enjoy the watching the spurting water, the hungry sharks circling round the column, the incongruous snorkeller in their midst. 

To 5 April, free. Click here for details. 

2. Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life, Tate Modern

Olafur Eliasson

We went from the Kara Walker preview up to the Eliasson exhibition. It has been on for few months but if you haven't seen it, go! From the first gallery - hypnotic troughs of water gently lapping in a rhythmic motion, a huge wall of lichen - this is a show all about nature, texture, colour and form. Children will adore. Throw shapes, climb through gleaming spikey cylinders, get a real sense of the natural world. And end up in The Expanded Studio, a creative workshop space at the end of the show where, using sticks and connectors, you can build and rebuild structures and shapes. Just look at how engaged these kids were!

Expanded Studio

To 5 January. Tickets are £18, £5 ages 12–18, under 12s free. Click here to book. 

3. Antony Gormley, Royal Academy

Gormley children

We simply cannot stop raving about this show and our three rain-soaked mini reviewers reckon it is one of the best things they have ever seen. Hugely interactive, it is all about the human form - scale, size, scale and our place in the world. Look, feel, scramble, climb. Utterly fantastic. If you see one thing this Autumn, make it this! (See our full review here.)

To 3 December. Tickets: £18 adults, under 16s free. Click here to book.

4. Museum of the Moon, Natural History Museum

Museum of the Moon

Another one that has been in situ for a few months but we love the calm otherworldliness of Luke Jerram's suspended globe. Walk round it, lie under it, breathe... 

To 5 January. Free. Click here for more details.