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AI: more than human


Museums & Galleries


6 years +


16/05/2019 - 26/08/2019


Barbican Centre

Silk Street, London

Tickets: £15–£17 adults, under 14s free

In many ways children are much less freaked out by the prospect of machines taking over the world than their parents are. There is much to engage kids in this hugely interactive show. 

Throw some shapes and watch your robotic shadow mimic you. (Note to families with very little ones - the buggy-riding tot there with us was too small to pick up the robot's eye).

AI: More than  Human

Interact with beautiful digital landscapes; drive a sports car and watch the computer pick up your emotions - scared, happy, exhilarated etc. Stroke Aibo, Sony's robot puppy and plan and build your own city out of LEGO. Older children will be interested in the history of artificial intelligence - from the Golem of Old Prague and Frankenstein to the predictions of Alan Turing and the moment a machine first beat a human in the family board game, Go! 

Albio Sony AI: More than Human Lego AI: More than Human

Fake news and AI's role in it is powerfully captured in footage of Barak Obama's speeches - same mouth, different words and we loved the photo booth at the end where you add a single word to form a poem.

Emily AI poem

Verdict: captivating in parts; overwhelming; not totally coherent but maybe that is an accurate reflection of  where we are. Definitely worth a look.


Tickets: £15–£17 adults, under 14s free


Silk Street, London

Venue phone:

0207 382 5274

Venue website:

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