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a&u's NHM recommended route


All ages


Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road, SW7

The Natural History Museum

The best entrance to the museum is through earth hall off exhibition road, the iconic hall never fails to get little ones excited for a day at the museum.

Go up the elevator ‘through the earth’ to begin your journey by walking round the ‘Restless Surface’

and ‘Volcanoes and Earthquakes’ exhibitions- the famous earthquakes stimulator is a must see, especially for kids under 10.  

Follow the stairs back down to the ground hall, be sure to stop off at the ‘From the Beginning’ gallery if you’re with any budding space entrepreneurs of any age…

Or in the ‘Earth’s Treasury’ to see our world’s most amazing precious stones and gems

Return to the ground floor where walking to the back of earth hall through the ‘Lasting Impressions’ gallery will lead you into the ‘Green Zone’ starting with a large display of stuffed birds featuring everyone’s favourites from Dodos… Ostriches

Be sure to look to your left as you leave the hall to see the impressive skeleton of the, now extinct, giant ground sloth

before moving onto the delightfully disgusting creepy crawly room.

You may then want to drop into ‘Investigate’, the science centre where children (aimed at those aged 5-14) and adults can get hands-on with the Museum's collection

With the green and red zones completed walk on through to Hintze hall to marvel at its amazing artefacts including a 25-metre blue whale skeleton, suspended in the air!

Any CBeebies fans must also see the clock from Andy's Dinosaur Adventures and Andy's Prehistoric Adventures; you'll find it near the cloakroom to the left of the Cromwell Road exit.

You’re now moving into the blue zone, home to some of the museums most popular rooms. The first room on the right is the ‘Human Biology’ gallery. This exhibit is lots of fun with body changing mirrors and interactive screens that explain complex ideas in a fun and accessible way- a must see for any older kids (10+) interested in biology.

Next on the right is the absolute must see mammals exhibit- everyone has their own favourite but the big cats, polar bear and iconic blue whale never fail to wow people of all ages- be sure to go up to the viewing gallery upstairs of the blue whale to get the full impact of the amazing room.

From the mammals head right and then left into the ‘Images of Nature’, a room often overlooked but has some amazing pictures and drawings as well the opportunity to have your own artwork on display.

Next up is every dino- enthusiast’s favourite- the dinosaurs gallery. Whether you’re dino mad or not, you cannot fail to like this room- every dinosaur you’ve ever heard of and more has a place in this exhibit- a definite favourite is the huge moving T-rex- worth the queue!

Opposite is the Jerwood gallery currently featuring (until the 5thof January 2020) ‘Museum of the Moon’ an artwork by Luke Jerram- a MUST SEE!

The final stop on our recommended route is arguably the most inspirational part of the museum, especially for those who dream of a career as a scientist; this is the cocoon in the Darwin centre. Two floors of this eight-story building are open to the public, interactive screens are set up to guide you through the museum’s extensive collection which has taken centuries of human lifetimes to procure

as well as to explain the importance of the museum which homes more of the earth’s biodiversity than anywhere else in the world!


Cromwell Road, SW7

Venue phone:

+44 (0)20 7942 5000

Venue website:

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